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Physicist Eugene Guth

EUGENE GUTH, Ph.D., (1905-1990)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Physicist
Research Professor of Physics

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Eugene Guth in cap and gown possibly at the University of Vienna circa 1935.

Eugene Guth in 1937 with physicist/friend Bruce Lyndsey (right) and another unidentified person.

Eugene Guth at a faculty seminar at Notre Dame University circa 1938.

Eugene Guth (center of picture) at a Notre Dame football game circa 1939.

Physicist Eugene Guth

Physicist Eugene Guth

Two pictures of Eugene Guth with other physicists at a Neutron Physics conference in Gatlinburg, TN, circa 1958, shortly after he joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory as Technical Advisor to the Director.

Eugene Guth receiving the Austrian Cross for Science and Arts at the Austrian Embassy in December 1982.

Austrian Ambassador Thomas Klestil (later President of Austria) pinning the Ehrenkreuz on Eugene Guth.

Eugene Guth in May 1983 receiving his citation as an Honorary Member of Sigma Pi Sigma, Physics Honor Society.  The other person inducted as an honorary member that month was a Nobel laureate, so he felt he was in good company.



This picture was taken a few weeks before Eugene Guth died on July 5, 1990.  Although he was not feeling well, he always tried his best to smile for the photographer.