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Physicist Eugene Guth

EUGENE GUTH, Ph.D., (1905-1990)
Oak Ridge National Laboratory Physicist
Research Professor of Physics

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From left to right, Eugene Guth, his son Michael, and his wife Roma in 1985.


In 1955, Eugene Guth with his wife and first two children at the family's home in South Bend, Indiana.

Eugene Guth in 1969 pirched atop pine trees at his home in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, that were cut down to clear out the backyard.


Eugene Guth and his wife Roma at Christmas 1989.



Eugene Guth at home with his wife in the winter of 1985.

Eugene Guth and his wife circa 1987


Eugene Guth surrounded by his family in 1988. 



Eugene Guth presented with the Austrian Honor Cross for Science and Arts First Class at a champagne reception in his honor held at the Austrian embassy in Washington, December 1982.  Guth was presented with his medal by Austrian Ambassador Thomas Klestil, who fifteen years later was elected President of Austria.


In 1982, Eugene Guth with his wife, Roma, and son Michael standing in the courtroom of the United States Supreme Court, where his son served as a page in 1979. The second picture is Eugene Guth posing with his wife on one of the white marble circular staircases at the U.S. Supreme Court.

Eugene Guth in 1988 at a family reunion dinner on the occasion of his daughter turning age 40.

Eugene Guth in 1989 with his wife and two grandchildren.

Eugene Guth in 1988 or 1989 receiving a Christmas gift of a round box filled with cookies made in Denmark, some of his favorite kind.