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$19 or $149 for agreed divorce papers in Tennessee? Will they work with your Chancery Court?

IF you see an advertisement for agreed divorce papers for just $19 or $39 or $149 downloaded off the Internet, you have to ask yourself if the documents will work. The sites may guarantee their results. But what do they have to lose? They refund you the money you spent. You on the other hand have lost time plus your court filing fee plus been embarassed in front of the judge, who will remember you the next time you show up. Is it worth it? Some of my best clients are those who started off downloading divorce papers, then were told they didn't have the right papers, and we had to start over from scratch.

AGREED DIVORCE documents $220; court costs extra. Serving all 95 Counties of Tennessee. Attorney at law Michael Guth, Contact by e-mail: shown on provides limited assistance by drafting legal documents and legal research to Pro Se litigants (represent yourself in court without a lawyer).

Before you contact me, please call the clerk of the Chancery Court in your county. The phone number should be listed in the White Pages under your County and then the phrase "Clerk and Master" or "Chancery Court Clerk." Ask the deputy clerk who answers the phone what the court costs are for an agreed divorce. Get this information so you will not have to ask me how much the court costs are.

My law practice assists parties in representing themselves in court. I will prepare the paperwork, but you will file and appear in court at one or more hearings. If you have an email account, I can send you the documents by email. I will need to get biographical information from you and your ex-spouse to complete the divorce papers. The best way to exchange this information is by email; however, I can meet with clients who do not have email accounts and are willing to drive to Oak Ridge, TN

Some clients ask me if they can get divorced by downloading divorce papers for $19 or $29 off the Internet. The problem with those forms is that they do not address specific requirements enacted recently into the Tennessee statutes. For example, the divorce papers must contain a document relating to court-ordered mediation. They must also contain a document relating to notifying the ex-spouse about losing health insurance coverage. The divorce documents must also cite a Tennessee statute giving creditors the right to collect from both parties to a jointly held debt, notwithstanding the terms of the divorce decreee. Most parties who download these cheap divorce forms from the Internet learn the hard way, by appearing in court and looking foolish, when they have not supplied the judge with all the papers he needs to grant them a divorce.

The $220 charge is a fair and reasonable price to pay for the amount of work that goes into the different divorce documents. I used to charge $250 prior to December 2010. To get started on a divorce with my assistance, click on the links above or below this message. That will take you to my Pro Se homepage. If you live outside of easy driving distance to Oak Ridge (17 miles NW of Knoxville), then you can pay for the divorce papers using a credit card on that home page.

Check out the glowing testimonials from former clients on my Pro Se homepage and take advantage of the new lower price, $220.

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$220 PAPERWORK FOR Agreed Divorce Hamblen County
$220 FOR PAPERWORK FOR agreed divorce Hamblen County.

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