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Licensed in Tenn. since 1998
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Legal Brief Writing

If you are an attorney or prospective client needing assistance from a legal brief writer, please contact me so we can discuss your case.

Award Winning Brief

Brief pertaining to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Sample of Legal Editing

Article on Patenting Chemical Compounds

"I chose Michael Guth for brief writing assistance, because I wanted to be able to speak directly to the attorney who would actually be writing my brief, instead of dealing with an anonymous brief writing service . Michael Guth has been easy to reach by phone and email day and evenings, and even weekends if needed. Second, I was looking for someone with a mathematical background, because he would be more likely to logically disassemble an argument into its components. I have been pleased with his services and certainly intend to use him in the future."
Peter Schapira, In-House Corporate Counsel
P.O. Box 5343, Hillside, NJ, 07205

"I like his style. It feels quite honest and forthright, not to mention that Guth knows his stuff very well. I canned our last attorney because while he had plenty of chutzpah, he had the meter running a marathon, and for not half as much production. So I certainly intend to use Guth's expertise in the future."
Richard Black, President,
Carmel, California

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