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Health Economics Researcher and Lawyer Michael A. S. Guth

Attorney at Law
Licensed in Tenn. since 1998
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Health Care Reform Services Offered

* Insights into the latest health care reform developments

* Explanation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) -- implications for you and your business

* "New Normal" focused on lower costs and evidence-based performance

* Reform-related changes that will likely alter the physician worforce and the supply of physicians

* Increased transparency through report cards on physicians and medical centers

* Requirements to adopt electronic records by 2015

* Expanding scope of services offered by nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and pharmacists

* Burgeoning competition from retailers and technology companies

* Status of the Medicare Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) physician payment update mechanism (accrued deficits are mounting and solutions for a permanent “fix” are hard to find)

* Role of states in establishing health insurance exchanges intended to provide a resource “where individuals and small businesses can compare and purchase health insurance online at competitive prices.”

* Steps employers can take now to avoid penalties if too many employees reject the employer's health insurance coverage in favor of insurance purchased on the exchanges.

* Gaining Control over the staggering costs of fraud, waste, and abuse.

Health Care Management Consulting
* Plan and execute marketing strategies and programs that build on the client's eminence in the health reform marketplace.
* Deepen the client's relationships with senior executives and decision-makers.
* Drive business growth for the client's health reform solutions.
* Work directly with the cross-functional and cross-sector health reform program management office.
* Contribute to annual planning and help coordinate with other members of the health reform team to identify synergies, find leverage, and avoid duplication of efforts.
* Help oversee and drive tactical execution of the client's health reform policies. Engage appropriate resources (including management and research teams, subject matter experts, business development managers, client service professionals, and marketing personnel) to execute integrated health policies. Ensure programs are implemented cost effectively and implemented to achieve desired business goals.
o Provide direction and coordination in the design and execution of programs geared toward client education, relationship building and revenue growth including, but not limited to, client meetings, roundtables, and industry conferences.
o Manage strategic alliance relationships with key associations, thought leaders, media, think tanks, academics, etc., specific to the client's health reform platform(s).
o Help coordinate thought leadership development and commercialization related to priority health reform issues, including writing/editing support, managing outside resources, building and coordinating market launch plans (including outreach through program accounts), etc.
o Help drive and coordinate e-marketing efforts, including a growing focus on social media and viral marketing strategies, including Internet blogs related to health reform.
* Work effectively with, and support the efforts of other teams that impact successful execution of the health reform plan, including regional and account managers, Internet marketing, public relations, internal communications, and knowledge management.
* Develop and maintain collaborative relationships with colleagues from other industry, functional, and regional health care teams in order to find programming synergies and opportunities for leverage and teamwork that can increase market impact.
* Interface frequently and effectively with related partners/principals/directors, subject matter specialists and other staff, including industry and sector leaders, mega-solution leaders, and sales, marketing & business development professionals at national and regional levels.
* Track, monitor, and evaluate health economics program and business development activities and accomplishments related to health reform. Survey decision makers on effectiveness/quality of efforts and solicit feedback for future actions. Provide recommendations to client.
* Help manage the Health Reform program budget. Coordinate with and leverage relevant programs/methods within health care and government and across other industries and functions to help ensure consistency and cost effectiveness of programming.

Macro Health Economics Consulting
    * Analyzing current and projected conditions that impact the role that health care industries and organizations play in regional economic development and job creation.

    * Examining the impact that current health care trends--including a growing elderly population and the rise of some chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease-—will have on businesses, individuals and the overall economy and providing recommendations for decision makers to reduce the growing burden of health care costs.

    * Assessing the ability of global research institutions to transfer their important life-science discoveries into marketable projects: a powerful economic development tool.

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